Additions & Changes

August 2012
Finally, an update after another of those hiatuses. This one will take a while to recover from. It wasn't anything dramatic or disastrous, just taking a break from the hobby, buying kits but not doing anything with them, and just doing little bits and pieces of work with the ones I have. Nothing got finished in 2011, though a lot got worked on.
September, 2010
There've been a batch of new kits arriving over the past months: I found an R2-D2 kit for a reasonable price so I finally added that to my collection. Other adds are a George Pal Time Machine by Reshape, 1/1000 resin Reliant, Galactica's "Zephyr," Moebius' Mk.II Viper, the 2001 Moonbus re-issue, a Keldon-class conversion for the ERTL Galor, the Pegasus Martian and some Macross re-issues or re-tools - Wave's VF-1J Fighter and VF-1S Battroid, Destroid Tomahawk, VF-1A variable. I swapped in the new Fine Molds snowspeeder and x-wing kits to replace the old MPC releases. Real world: added an Avro Vulcan and B-58.
9 March, 2010
Added a page for the Polar Lights 1/1000 refit Enterprise.
26 September, 2009
Updated the gallery pages for the Class of 2009 models VF-1A Battroid, NX-01 shuttlepod, TNG concept shuttle, and ST Sanger. There are updates to the Detailing with Pastels page in Sprue U and galleries for the A-Wing and Vulture Droid.
25 September, 2009
Added a crazy page about how one (that is, me) gets the paint out of a spray can so I use it for airbrushing. There are galleries on the pages for LXG Nautilus, Sulaco, and Brittania II and a page for the Class of 2009 models.
7 September, 2009
Added updates to Galor, AT-RT, Ferengi D'Kora, and Vulcan Ti'mur pages.
1 September, 2009
Would you believe I've finished 8 kits so far this year? One a month?! Indeed - Romulan Warbird and "2156" Romulan Birdy, Alien derelict pilot, NX-01 Shuttlepod, TNG "Soapbar" shuttle, Yamato 2520, S�nger Space Transport, and... and... (this is like thinking of the 7th Dwarf), oh yeah, a 1/200 "Pitaban" VF-1A Valkyrie Battroid. Here's the Class of 2009 so far. OK, for most of them, they'd been mostly, almost done for too long a long time. (pictures are forthcoming...)
New in the shop... Moebeius' Flying Sub, Iron Man mk.III, an old MPC C-3PO kit (thanks, G-Man!),  "Acclamator" class Clone Transport.
20 March, 2009
Sometime over the last year and a half (!) several models made their way into my shop. Most recently, the Battlestar Galactica showed up.
29 November, 2007
Sometime over the last several months some models strongly resembling a Mk 7 Viper and a Y-Wing made their way into my workshop.
7-9 March, 2007
Added an assemblog & gallery for the A-Wing
6 March, 2007
Updated the assemblog and gallery for the B-Wing.
21 February, 2007
Added the SW Episode 1 STAP & Battledroid to the Gallery.
23 July,2006
Added the Crusher Joe Fighter 1, Siren, and Harpy to the Gallery.
21 July, 2006
New in the shop - the Fine Molds Boba Fett Slave 1, Norway Class starship, Vulcan Surak and T'lar Class ships. And that brings my kit count to 300.
17 July,2006
Added the Yamato series' EDF Cruiser to the Gallery.
11 July, 2006
New in the shop - Romulan Valdore & Ferengi Pod. Added a Sprue-U page on adding registration pins to resin pieces for assembly.
24 January, 2006
The Howlin' wolf Cylon Basestar arrived.
11 January, 2006
"Someday" finally arrived; more photos are in the Excalibur gallery
8 January, 2006
The Fine Molds Millennium Falcon and X-wing w/ brass 3PO arrived in the past week. Well, really they arrived the week before, but that was while I gone for the holidaze.
4 January, 2006
Added the Nausica� / O-mu diorama to the Gallery. And came back from Christmas vacation with wa-a-ay too many new kits: Batman Begins Batmobile; Musai; TIE Bomber; Death Egg; Project: Mercury; Corp Alliance Droid; Andromeda; and a handful more.
19 December, 2005
Happy Birthday, mom! Tweaked the home page design to show off what's new & what's going on at the 'bench. Added the Nausica� Gunship to the Gallery. And yes, I've been doing lots of kit work, just not writing about it.
8 May, 2005
Added the fake stealth, Lockheed F-19 Spectre, to the Gallery.
25 April, 2005
Added the Dark Nebula Empire Tripod Tank to the Gallery.
18 April, 2005
Added Harlock's Bf109g6 as shown in My Youth in Arcadia to the Gallery. This represents the "Tochiro-on-board" aircraft flown by the WW2-era Harlock in the movie.
23 January, 2005
Added Jem'Hadar attack ship to the Gallery.
10 May, 2004
Updated the Slave 1 kit data pages - Boba's & Jango's
4 May, 2004
Fine Molds' Slave 1 from Attack of the Clones is in.
30 April, 2004
The Jedi Starfighter model is off the 'bench and in the Gallery.
Added Polar Lights' Enterprise NX-01 to the Workbench.
12 March, 2004
Just got the Planet Express ship from Futurama.
10 March, 2004
Completed updates to the look over past couple weeks; added decaling section to Sprue University; added new images for Excelsior, Nebula, Klingon Raptor, and image link for NX class to Trek Modeler's Reference Guide
Also, go back to the home page, scroll down and visit the WebRings.
19 February, 2004
The Look. I figured after 5 or so years, it's time for a new look & graphics on these pages.
18 February, 2004
Build notes added to Starfury and C57D pages; see links on the Workbench page.
14 February, 2004
The new Workbench page shows what I'm actively working on. The kit list is gradually being built out with kit data, mini-reviews, and build notes for the kits. Sprue U has new pages on using Metallizer lacquers (in 200-level) and scratchbuilding (300-level). Finally, I've joined the "Star Trek Scale Modeling Ring."
6 February, 2004
Added the list of all the kits I have, with links to kit data and (eventually) build-logs of each. Yeah, that'll leave me lots of time to work on kits.
4 February, 2004
Added photos of Star Wars A-wing fighter to the Gallery. It's been finished for years, just forgot to post it.
30 January 2004
I'm back!! Added Surprise in the Bering Sea & Lensman Picronia to the Gallery.
11 January, 2003
Added reference image to Ferengi section and Shuttlecrafts for TNG (Type 6) and started a Delta Flyer section on the Voyager shuttles page.
31 December, 2002
Ring out the old year with updates to several pages in the TMG.
9 April, 2002
That long since an update ??! Eef! Wish I could say I've been busy working on new models. Anyway, there is a minor update to the Arcadia page with news about kit re-issues, and a new page for virtual starships - homebrew designs or other work based on existing Trek designs.
31 January, 2001
Unveiled the first installment of Sprue University, and moved the How-to pages into Sprue U.
23 January, 2001
Cleaned out the cobwebs in the Links page.
9 January, 2001
Updates happened to the Constitution, Defiant, and Galaxy pages.
16 August, 2000
At long last... updates begin again on the TMG! In this batch, Intrepid, Jem Hadar, Vor'cha, Borg, get additions. Galaxy gets one, too.
29 November, 1999
Construction begins on the new & improved Batcave in the basement of my house. Also, a while back, took double top-honors in You Can't Do That on Star Trek's best-ever balloting.
29 September, 1999
Updated the Arcadia page in the Gallery, adding schematics of the ship. The model shop is still packed up after the move. Maybe next month...
26 August, 1999
There's nothing new on the modeling front, and here's the reason. And yes, I did manage to finish "hatching" the Ent.D before packing up the shop for the move.
12 May, 1999
Added images to the Klingons & Sovereign pages; linked Robert Klaus' Romulan BoP article.
Added a few things to the Gallery
Glued down Enterprise-D lifeboat hatch #216 last night - halfway done!!
5 May, 1999
Re-vamped the Shuttlecrafts page; added images of Voyager's Type-12 shuttle.
Oh... and I wrote a little song last weekend while at work replacing the lifeboats on the Enterprise-D. It goes to the tune of "100 bottles of beer"...

432 'boats on the 'D'
432 'boats...
You cut one from strip
& glue't to the ship
431 'boats on the 'D.'

and so on

45 down, 387 lifeboats to go

5 April, 1999
Added a few shots to the Maquis and Cardassian pages, plus have begun adding information about kit availability - especially garage kits.
Added Zentradi Space Armor and B-Wing Fighter to the Gallery.
18 March, 1999
Added a few new shots to the Sovereign page and TNG Shuttlecrafts page.
4 January, 1999
Happy New Year! Only 8 months, 9 days until the moon blasts out of orbit.
Added images of the small craft from ST:Insurrention to the TNG Shuttlecrafts page.
Older changes have been removed.